I am on fire
This is the only real warmth I’ve ever known

My fingers skate across the smooth evening desert of your skin, my lips poised on your shoulder. My fingers wander aimlessly through the valleys and hills, and my heart feels like the furnace of a great steam machine. They trip over the black lines of your top, and they shift aside the grey border of your bottoms. They grip grip you and bring us closer. Your breath stokes my furnace.

Your eyes are the only eyes I ever want to know. They are eyes that know me, and that I know. I want them to see everything I see. They are beautiful in a way that makes me feel hopeful and loved.

Nothing ever prepares me for the moment when you start to smile. Like the moon over the desert your smile is unreachable. Like the moon out my window as a child, I am amazed by it. Nothing is as beautiful as that. It lights up the night of the desert, and makes me feel safe. I love you so much.

Pressing my lips into yours, nothing is really real anymore. Your hand is pulling on the back of my neck. My fingers on your skin might ignite like match sticks.

As we kiss you pull me in tight, and I might die at any moment.

We melt.

Part 1/?

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